Requirements For Brand Restriction/Brand Permission

Are you the manufacturer of your brand? Are you the sole distributor of a brand in Nigeria? Do you own the only exclusivity, right or license to sell and distribute a brand on the online space?

It is important for everyone to remember that Jumia is an online marketplace therefore all vendors should be able to sell any product/brand, provided the nature of the product or the brand meets up to our Product and Market Requirements.

However, a vendor may request for a brand to be made exclusive to them or for a vendor to be permitted to sell on Jumia, following the scenarios below;

  • The vendor is the licensed owner or manufacturer of the brand or the intellectual property.
  • The vendor is the ONLY authorized distributor of the brand and it’s products in Kenya/Africa.
  • The vendor owns the exclusive right to list, sell and distribute a brand on the online space.
  • The vendor possesses and can provide documentation, receipt(s) or proof of purchase from an authorized distributor for a Banned/Restricted Brand.

Requirements to Request for a Brand Restriction/Brand Permission:

  • Certificate of Registration of Brand Name (Not Company Name).
  • Trademark or Intellectual Property Registration.
  • Documentation, Receipt(s) & Proof of Purchase from the manufacturer/sole or major distributor.
  • License/authority letter from manufacturer/sole or major distributor assigning Sole Distributorship rights to Vendor.

Click HERE to see the list of all Banned & Restricted Brands on JumiaFor complaints, inquiries or suggestions on Brand Restriction/Brand Permission, please contact our support team by raising a claim HERE, sending an email to or by calling us on  +254709 726 000.