Mobile Accessories

mobileacces_banner Phones; Mobile & Landline Categories Include

Content Elements; product_information

  • Product Name:

Product Name structure for Mobile Accessories should be in this manner;

For CasesProduct Name + Platform/Device Supported  Colour

For Earphones and headsetsProduct Name  Colour

For ChargersProduct Name + Platform/Device Supported  Colour

For Smart WatchesProduct Name + Platform/Device Supported  Colour

For PowerbanksPowerbank Capacity + Product Name  Colour

For Memory CardsMemory Capacity  Colour

For Other AccessoriesProduct name  Colour


For CasesUltra Thin 360 Degree Full COver Armour case for Iphone 6 plus  Black

For Earphones and headsetsE88 Bluetooth Headset 4.1  Black

For ChargersMicro USB Charger  for Phantom 5/6  White

For Smart WatchesGT08 Smart watch for IOS and Android  Black

For Powerbanks: 2600mAH Power Bank  Blue

For Memory Cards: 16GB Memory Card  Black

For Other AccessoriesSelfie stick Black

  • Brand

Brand of the product. If brand does not already exist in the database, please click BRAND CREATION FORM and fill accordingly to request for brand creation. Example: Samsung, Infinix, Tecno.

If the product that you intend to create does not have have an actual brand name, please create the product with GENERIC or UNIVERSAL.

  • Model:

This field is for the product’s model number

Example: PB05, A-88.

  • Main Color:

Predominant color of the product i.e The color most prominent on the product (in the case where there are multiple colors)

Example: Royal Blue, Mint Green, Wine product_specifications

  • Product Line:

Please Enter In Here Your Store Name

  • Color Family:

Basically the Primary Color of the product’s Main Color. This greatly helps customers find your product using the provided color-filter on the website.

  • Type

The Material Family of the Main Material of the Product

  • Main Material

Predominant Material of the product i.e The Material most prominent on the product (in the case where there are multiple Materials) product_description

  • Index

Does the product include a unique product description? If yes, make it visible for search engines by clicking the box.

  • Product Description

A brief introduction of product that covers all its major features;

Example: The BlackBerry Passport delivers the best battery performance and the most efficient 3450mAh battery. The battery on this device will last you up to 30 hours, this means you will be able to use the battery for a longer period of time before having to re-charge it. The BlackBerry Passport runs on the powerful 2.2GHz quadcore Krait 400 CPU, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Chipset. It comes with an internal memory of 32GB which can be expanded up to 128GB. You will have all the space you need to store all your files and documents. There is a 13 MP rear camera with LED flash and a 2MP front camera for video calls and selfies. The BlackBerry Passport is no doubt the best in its class. Next, pick the key features or unique selling points of the product (such as Memory, Processor Specifications, Design, Weight etc) and elaborate.

Example: Specifications;

  • Plug and play
  • Body Dimensions: 128 x 90.3 x 9.3 mm, 194 grams (5.04 x 3.56 x 0.37 inches, 6.84 ounce)
  • Battery free
  • Colors: Black,Blue
  • Cover: Plastic
  • YouTube ID

Please Add your Youtube Video ID here Example: YouTubeID is: htlgaXRAe2k

  • Highlights

MUST Be in Bullet Points. How Do I Put My Highlights In Bullet Points? Enter short major highlights of the product, to make the purchase decision for the customer easier


  • Operating System: Example: Blackberry 10
  • Camera: Example: 13MP
  • Screen: Example: IPS, capacitive, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 touchscreen
  • Memory:  Example: RAM 3G/ Internal: 32GB
  • Battery: Example: 3450mAh Li-Ion battery
  • SIM: Example: Nano SIM
  • Colour: Example: Silver
  • What’s In The Box

MUST Be in Bullet Points. How Do I Put My Highlights In Bullet Points?

Short, accurate summary/list of the package content, which the customer gets.


  • 1 x Case
  • 1 x Phone
  • 1 x Earphones
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • Note

Possibility to enter some extra comments, notes or additional information about the product Example: Great user expierece, Authentic vinyl-sound product_measurements

  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height in cm)

Measurement of the product (Length x Width x Height in cm)


12 x 3 x 90
  • Weight

Weight of the product.The unit for measuring should be specifically in Kilograms.(If weight is in Grams convert in Kilograms). Enter only numeric value of weight. Example: If the weight is 10 kg enter as 10. If the weight is 10 grams enter as 0.1 NEVER ADD .g OR .kg product_additionalprod

  • Product Warranty

When a customer makes a major purchase, the manufacturer/seller makes an important promise to stand behind the product quality, which is valid only for a period of time. This is called a Product Warranty. Only a valid Product Warranty should be provided. Examples of valid Product Warranty periods are;

  • 6 Months
  • 1 Year
  • 2 Years
  • 5 Years
  • 10 Years

N.B If your product is NOT covered by a valid Product Warranty, Kindly input N/A

  • Warranty Type

There are multiple types of Product Warranty. These are;

  • Repair By Vendor – Vendor has the resources to retrieve and repair the faulty item.
  • Replacement By Vendor – Vendor has the resources to retrieve and replace the faulty item with a new, faultless item.
  • Service Center – If the vendor is an authorized distributor, he can provide manufacturer’s Service Center customer can go to for repair/replacement.

Warranty Type is a drop down selection that allows multiple-option selection. Kindly choose appropriately. N.B If your product is NOT covered by a valid Product Warranty, Kindly Ignore after inputting N/A in Product Warranty.

  • Warranty Address

Enter the Service Centre Address. If you have multiple-options selected in the Warranty Type use the sample format for addresses. Example; Jumia Service Center; 109, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Telephone: 01-8881102 Opening Hours – 9:00am – 5:00pm N.B If your product is NOT covered by a valid Product Warranty, Kindly Ignore after inputting N/A in Product Warranty.

  • Certifications

Select different certifications, that the product owns, or with which certifications the product was marked Example: Organic, Suitable for Allergics Fair Trade

  • Production Country

Where the product was made/produced Example: Germany, France, China

Electronics Attributes

  • Display Features

Specify the device’s type of display Example: Retina, Full HD, 3D

  • Display Size

Specify the size of the device’s display in inches

Example: 15, 15.6

  • Hard Disk (GB)

Specify the size of the device’s hard drive in GB Example: 500, 750, 1000

  • RAM (GB)

System memory of the device Example: 2, 8, 16

  • Capacity (GB)

Specify the size of the device’s hard drive in GB Example: 500, 750, 1000

  • CPU Speed (GHz)

Specify the processor speed in GHz for the device

Example: 15, 30

  • Processor Type

Specify the processor type of the product

Example: Intel, AMD

  • OS

Enter the operating system of the device

Example: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, Android

  • Features

Select the general features of the devices

Example: GSM, Bluetooth, 3G, Touchscreen

Jumia Local

  • Jumia Local

If this product is made or assembled in Kenya, tick this box to add it to the Jumia Local program. By ticking this box, you are agreeing to the Jumia Local Terms & Conditions.

Text Manufacturers

  • From the Manufacturer

Possibly add some information from the manufacturer about the product

  • Care Label

Enter information about the care of the product, provided by the manufacturer.

Example: No direct sunlight, cleaning with low percentage alcohol.