Importance Of Properly Categorizing Your Products

It is important to always categorize your products correctly.

What Does “Categorize” Mean?

Every product belongs to a family called Category. Under every Category, there are sub-categories which emerge from the categories, similar to a tree with branches. Categories and Sub-categories essentially help costumers find their desired products quickly and much easily.


When a product is accurately categorized, costumers are more likely to find their desired product when they search. Also categories allow Jumia to have a cleaner, more systematic and orderly catalog.


If a customer were to search for an iPhone 7 256GB – Black, he/she should find all results under the sub-category;

Phones & Tablets > Mobile Phones > Smartphones > iOS Phones


When a product is wrongly categorized, it will appear on the Jumia website with items that are not in the same category or sub-category. In this case, the costumer will have a lesser chance of finding his desired product in the category. Besides, a poorly categorized product negatively affects the catalog order.


There are Mobile Accessories in Android Phones Sub-Category;